Using up……using again….



I couldn’t resist these hyacinths in the supermarket this weekend, I know it’s not very frugal to spend a fiver on two pots, but I eased my conscience by telling myself I can plant them out in the garden after they have bloomed and they will flower again and again each year – so…quite a good use of a fiver really!


I didn’t have any plant pots suitable for indoors so I used these giant tea cups to pop them into. I have seen this done before on the internet but have always wondered about watering them and drainage, but I guess if I just keep them moist they should be ok. Don’t you think?


I also dragged my stash out of the cupboard this weekend…..I am sure those balls of yarn multiply behind closed doors!


I visited my brother this weekend who was suffering from man flu. Perched on the back of his sofa was what was supposed to be a blanket…honestly, it was no thicker than a duster and certainly not suitable for snuggling under to watch the TV! Hence my dragging out the stash to see if I had anything I could make up into a blanket for him.

I decided a ripple would be a little more “manly” than my normal granny square blankets so set to work…


Not my “normal” pinks, blues and greens so wasn’t quite sure at first, but now I have done a bit more I think it will be fine…and certainly better and more useful than what he already has!


What are you using up your stash to make?

Nikki x


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  1. They look Lovely in those portmerion cups and saucers x I did some recently but with tete-a-tete daffodils, they were £1.25 from the supermarket for one pot but I managed to split them and get 2 cups worth. They are happily sat on my kitchen windowsill reminding me that spring is on the way.

    Love the wave and the colours on the blanket, it looks like it will be a lot more useful compared to the one he is using xx

  2. I love the flowers. Your color palate for the blanket seems to be in harmony with the flowers too. I am finishing up a log cabin blanket that will be approximately 40 inches square. this week end I put the blanket down and am working on a market bag in a giant granny square pattern. It started when I found a small ball of variegated blues and purples and started playing with it. I added to that some bright blue and variegated cream with flecks of pink and green. I love the way your blog gives me new ideas, like the little ornaments hanging on the knobs of the table with the teacups.

    • Thank you Lita – that’s one of the reason I am forever on the lookout for new blogs, I love to pick up design ideas and find that people who do crafts are usually very creative with their home decor! Nikki x

  3. Hi Nikki, thank-you so much for popping over to my little world with the great giveaway news! I am thrilled, thank-you so much. I couldn’t find an email address for you, probably right under my nose!

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