Note to self…..(and a Tah-Dah!)


….this just won’t do! no it won’t. In 7 months you have managed to make just three, yes THREE, blog posts.


I have no excuse, I really don’t – especially since one of my New Year’s promises to myself was to blog more regularly. We have however had a rather sad start to 2012. My lovely Man’s dear Mum passed away at the beginning of January and we seem to have been hurtled to the end of the month without us noticing. Very sad. She had been poorly for a long while though so we are comforted that she is now at peace.

One thing that has been a constant through the winter evenings though is my latest crochet project and I just couldn’t wait to show you this morning.

Would you like a peek?….ok. Here goes….


And now for the finished (all except for the sewing in of the ends -please tell me you can’t see them!) item….


I am quite pleased…I even blocked all 144 squares! I’m not sure that on our bed will be it’s final destination…I might have to take pictures of it in several locations and put it to the vote!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday….

Nikki x


About lifeathollycottage

Thank you for visiting me at Holly Cottage. I am Nikki, I live in my Victorian cottage with my partner and our two lovely dogs and 6 chickens (well the chickens don't actually live in the house!). I run a business publishing local magazines, but am never happier than when I can indulge my love of thrifting (love vintage!), pottering about in my garden, hooking some crochet or reading the many blogs I follow.

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  1. Wow! I love this! Did you join the blocks as you went? I’m currently working on my very first crocheted blanket and have been loving the process…it’s such a cozy and homemaker-ish thing to do…

    • Thank you! No I joined them all at the end I haven’t got the hang of joining as I go yet and it seemed to help to lay each line out under the other to try and get the mix of colours as even as I could.

  2. Oh that really is lovely! What was the yarn and how did you block it? Where, I suppose I’m asking really….on a carpet naughtily, or a specially made board etc etc? Did you block a few pieces as you went on?
    Can you tell I’ve never blocked anything…yet?!

    V lovely, I see so many dodgy “urgh the colours!!!!” GS that this is refreshing!!!

    • thank you so much for stopping by! It’s actuallynthe first thing I have blocked as well and I bought a pack of green underlay boards (usually used for putting under laminate flooring) and measured out 6 inch spaces and stuck pins in them and then had about half a dozen boards on the go filled with squares dotted around the room. Took a few days as had 144 squares to block but I do think it was worth it. The yarn was a mixture but the cream was Mode Vanilla dk. The colours were just left over from other projects all DK but different makes.

  3. Hi there, after your encouraging comment on my blog I had to pop over for a peek at your blanket. It looks lovely all spread out on your bed. I’m very undecided about how to join up my circles. I don’t think it’s a problem I’ll have to deal with for a while. Still got plenty more to make….

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