Wardrobe Makeover


When I moved to Holly Cottage I inherited two large pine wardrobes from the previous owners and they have served me perfectly well in the intervening years. This year however, we have been experimenting with remodelling some of our current pine furniture (and we had a LOT!).

Just painting the legs and underside of two of our coffee tables made a huge difference to their appearance and following a sanding and waxing of the tops, they looked as good as new and if felt like we had totally new furniture, and a new look for our lounge.


We also recently painted those inherited wardrobes, and whilst they looked much better I was hankering over making them more vintage or “shabby chic” looking. So off we set to see if we could find some wallpaper to experiment with a makeover….not an easy task…all the wallpapers in the local DIY stores are very modern and this just wouldn’t have achieved the look I had in my head! (it didn’t help that I was unable to describe the “look” that was in my head either!)

I had almost given up when I suddenly spied a roll of paper that I thought might do the job..it wasn’t exactly what I had had in mind (which was more cabbage roses, or Cath Kidston inspired) but decided to take a chance.

My lovely other half was then set to work on the makeover….


(i forgot to take a “before” photo so this is a “just started” photo!)



We’re pretty pleased with them, especially with how the background of the paper matches the colour of the wardrobes!

What do you think?

Nikki x


About lifeathollycottage

Thank you for visiting me at Holly Cottage. I am Nikki, I live in my Victorian cottage with my partner and our two lovely dogs and 6 chickens (well the chickens don't actually live in the house!). I run a business publishing local magazines, but am never happier than when I can indulge my love of thrifting (love vintage!), pottering about in my garden, hooking some crochet or reading the many blogs I follow.

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